November 30, 2009

EAT LOVE, we just got this great book by 'eating designer' Marije Vogelzang. We have had this book marked for about a year and then found it today in Floatsam & Jetsam. I highly recommend it for an interesting view and beautiful presentation of food.

Here is the blurb about it...
After her graduation from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2000 Marije Vogelzang has been designing eating concepts. Her interest is in the verb ‘to eat’. Not only does she think deeply about what is on the plate (if there is a plate at all), but she also thinks about everything that surrounds the act of eating. The atmosphere, the people involved, the stories behind the ingredients, the taste and texture, sound, smell and colour of food and the way it is prepared and served. She explores the intimacy of design that actually goes inside your body and follows the journey of food from seed all the way to poop.
Thinking about all this and working and experimenting in her studio and restaurant and by creating eating experiences for her clients she has developed her own unique way of looking at eating from a psychological, cultural and design point of view.

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